Continuous Learning and Anticipation are the elements of our culture through which by "keeping abreast, we keep ahead". As the old saying goes, "Luck favors the prepared".


01. What is BT³
02. Pro-Training
03. Eco System

What is BT³


We know the well-being of our employees is critical to our well-being as a firm. That’s why we’re actively working to foster our peoples development. BT³ is designed to do just that.

At Black Cat, our people and culture are what makes us unique. That’s why we have a division to this, whose mission is multi-faceted.

And because we go forward, to strengthen our people and culture creating a robust operating model capable of delivering consistent growth and profitability in the markets Black Cat operates, we aim to improve our employees learning experience.



Because Black Cat’s trigon is based on three perspectives, we’re guided by true trigon. To achieve this, it is our commitment towards our employees to provide exceptional training support, not only for their job but also for their professional and career growth.

We have put a lot of effort into creating a dynamic environment where the participants are placed right in the heart of the action.

Black Cat is accredited to its culture and the deep understanding of the needs and expectations of its employees and clients.

It is my role to consistently re-energize this culture as I believe our People and our Culture are the two competitive advantages that no competition will ever be able to emulate.

Eco System


BT³ is also an ecosystem of initiatives dedicated to developing talent. We invest in our employees through our extensive in-house and third-party training centers to ensure all standards and regulations are met and that the best performance is achieved.

_ Training sessions that change the norm

  • Orientation and job integration sessions enable new employees to better understand Black Cat, the trigon in conjunction with our vision, mission and core values.
  • Specific group training sessions are offered as needed.
  • In addition to the training centers, all our offices offer on-job targeted training and monitor new employees’ job integration. All this, together with many other training available offline and online.
Our Culture

Our culture is one of Tough-Minded Optimism. We are pragmatic in our approaches without giving in to adversities.


At the core, Black Cat is entrepreneurial. Our hands-on leadership team is a diverse group that empowers efficient and sound decision-making across the company.


Picture yourself at one of the world's best places to work, surrounded by people and team members people who support, inspire, and challenge you to be extraordinary.

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