Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Smokeless Flare & Automatic Blowdown System & New Control Room at Fahahil Stripping Plant – Dukhan

Project Status



Qatar Petroleum

Term of Contract

2007 – 2013


Dukhan, Qatar

EPIC Contract to upgrade / modify the flare / blow-down / drain system and install a new air assisted elevated smokeless flare. Construct a new 11 Kv Substation building with all its building services, F&G, Fire alarm, HSSD etc.

Modify the gas and liquid blow-down system and provide automatic blow-down system which shall meet the requirements. Carryout necessary modifications in the plant to install automatic blow-down system, so that blow down of equipment in each fire zone can take place upon the detection of external fire in that zone. Install a new, adequately sized Flash Gas Compressor to avoid flaring of the flash gas. The flash gas pressure shall be boosted and injected to either of the following locations (1) to SAG Header (2) Recycle to RAG line upstream of K-1101 Booster Compressor (3) to proposed pipeline (future) for diverting excess SAG and Flash Gas to FMDS. Eliminate existing Burn Pit by diverting all existing streams to the new flare / drain system. Contaminated drains shall be diverted to FMDS Crude Desalter Tanks, through a new pipeline. Modification and Repair works during Plant Maintenance Shutdown Construction of New Control Room at Fahahil Stripping Plant. Construct a new 1000m² Blast Proof Control Building with all building services MEP, Electrical, F&G, Fire alarm / HSSD, Telecom / SCADA.

Upgrade of the existing ABB Harmony INFI 90 DCS HMI platform to ABB’s latest Industrial IT Process Portal HMI platform. Rationalization and incorporation of all Control Systems Into the new Industrial IT platform.

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