The Black Cat Way

These are the perspectives that define who we are, and guide our decisions on the journey to achieving it.


01. Vision
02. Mission
03. Core Values



Our Vision is to become, over the next decade, a mid-tier transnational, diversified engineering and assets management company serving the Onshore & Offshore Hydrocarbon Processing, Power, Water and Infrastructures Sectors.

_ How
We will achieve our vision through a blend of organic growth and bolt-on acquisitions while maintaining a balanced distribution of our sources of revenues between our domestic and selected export markets.

Throughout our journey we will steadily enhance our capabilities through the development of our human capital, continuous improvement initiatives, strategic partnerships and technologies acquisitions; while leveraging on our company culture, agile operating model and the development and consolidation of long-term key accounts’ relationships.



Our Mission is to provide our Clients with Innovative, Safe, Capital Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Design, Engineering, Capital Projects Delivery and Assets Management Services solutions while creating sustainable stakeholders’ value and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

# Mission
_ Innovative
_ Safe
_ Capital Efficient
_ Environmentally Compatible Design
_ Engineering
_ Capital Projects Delivery
_ Assets Management Services Solutions
_ Highest Standards of Quality
_ Sustainable Stakeholders Value

Core Values


Our values have always been at the core of our identity. They are the beliefs that define who we are, and guide our decisions on the journey to achieving it.


We promote and support our people active participation in shaping our Company future while valuing their judgement and contribution in executing our strategy and consistently delivering on our Mission.


We are holding our people accountable while ensuring that accountability is based on a clear identification of their expected contribution in achieving our Vision and delivering on our Mission.


We hold trust in high regard and emphasize it in the relationships with our stakeholders.


We deal with our stakeholders on the basis of equal opportunities, transparency and fairness


We emphasize the development of the highest standards of leadership throughout our organization. Strong leadership creates a committed and cohesive organization which is the basis for excellence and consistency in delivering on our mission's commitments.


We strive to achieve the highest level of dependability in delivering on our mission's commitments.


Adhere to safe working practices and compliance with applicable legislation and regulations that relate to our activities.

Respect for The Environment

No action is too small to deserve our attention when it relates to reducing our environmental footprint. We champion an efficient and environmentally conscious use of the resources at our disposal within our organization and with our supply chain partners.

Value Creation

We have a clear understanding of the relationships between the operational and financial elements of our operation; we focus on these elements to generate the necessary financial resources to sustainably create value for our stakeholders.


We engage with our stakeholders to achieve clarity of understanding, commonality of objectives, values and purposes. Through active engagement, we aim at establishing a cooperative environment which is supportive of our efforts to deliver our mission's commitments.

Social Responsibility

We look forward to be an active contributor to the economic and social issues of the countries we are operating in.

Keeping Ahead

We keep abreast, to keep ahead. We keep pace with the evolving and dynamic nature of our economic and business environment; we look at opportunities in change, we focus on self-improvement, innovation and agility. Through mastering the paradox of stability in motion we create sustainable stakeholders’ value and consistently deliver on our mission's commitments.


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