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Black Cat is committed to become a leading socially responsible player in Qatar and other markets in which we operate.


01. Overview
02. B Sustainability
03. B Socially Responsible
04. SDG Manifesto
05. The 17 Goals



Black Cat has laid the framework and started implementing a robust Corporate Social Responsibility program aiming at adopting socially responsible business practices with its stakeholders.

_ Black Cat’s commitment to UNGC
We signed the letter of commitment For the SDG 2030 VISION, and we are the official participant of the United Nations Global Compact.

Active participant since 2020. See more
– Letter of commitment

_ B is Aware
Organizations around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the need for, and benefits of socially responsible behavior, the links between Value generation, and preservation, and companies’ socially responsible behavior is becoming clearer and clearer to shareholders, investors and financial institutions alike, and socially responsible corporate behavior are increasingly factored into investment and project financing decisions.

B Sustainability


Black Cat’s performance in relation to the society in which it operates has become a critical part of measuring its overall performance and its ability to continue operating effectively and sustainably.

_ Social Responsibility Influence
An organization’s performance on the social responsibility front can influence some of the fundamental drivers of Value generation and preservation, among these:

_ Its competitive advantage.
_ Its reputation.
_ Its ability to attract and retain talented human resources, customers, or clients.
_ The maintenance of employees’ morale, commitment, and productivity.
_ The view of investors, owners, donors, sponsors, & the broader access to the capital market.

B Socially Responsible


Black Cat is committed to become a leading socially responsible player in Qatar, and other market in which it operates; and we are ready to play our part in close cooperation with Government organizations, NGO’s, and Financial Institutions toward achieving this new and exciting reality in our company’ transformation.

_ Get in touch
Boussaina K. Borchetta
Sr. Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
[email protected]
Location: HQ. Doha, Qatar.

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SDG Manifesto


Following are the Sustainable Development Goals Manifesto.


The 17 Goals


Black Cat Supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and will Contribute to the 2030 vision in every way possible

Boussaina Bochetta
Sr. Corporate Social Responsibility Officer


In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs).

These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

_ Call for Action
The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.

17 sdg

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