At the core, Black Cat is entrepreneurial. Our hands-on leadership team is a diverse group that empowers efficient and sound decision-making across the company.


01. Introduction
02. Leadership
03. Meet Our Team



The Board is comprised of accomplished leaders with varied backgrounds who ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight.

Together they guide our strategic vision and build on a 40-year commitment to quality, value and unparalleled client service.



We foster the understanding of the shareholders’ and other stakeholders’ perspectives across the leadership team and in a simpler yet effective way throughout the rest of organization.

We keep an entrepreneurial attitude and focus on the fundamentals of sustainable value creation which in turn, generate sustainable shareholders return.

Together, we achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

    Chief Executive Officer
      Chief Financial Officer

      Meet Our Team


      In every office across all countries, you’ll find passionate, collaborative and diversified people who care for you and your success. We work alongside you every step of the way, helping your business take confident strides toward its full potential.

        Commercial Manager
        Dr. Bassem
          Technical Manager
            Corp. Cost Control & Planning Manager
              Business Development Manager
              Mehmet Ali Usta
                Proposals Manager
                  Lead Proposals Manager
                    Finance Manager
                      Sr. Social Responsibility Officer
                      Milan SAMANEK
                        Engineering Manager
                        Roland Koury
                          Chief Information Officer
                          Human Capital Manager
                            Human Capital Manager
                            Muralikrishnan Krishnamoorthy
                              Workshop Manager
                              Jenson Chandy
                                Sr. Administration Coordinator
                                Mohamed Mansour
                                  QA/QC Manager
                                  Yousef Saleh
                                    HSES Manager
                                      Administration Manager
                                      Edwin Thomson Joseph
                                        Sr. Administration Officer

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