We champion an efficient and environmentally conscious use of the resources at our disposal within our organization.


01. Introduction
02. Two Viewpoints
03. Ten Standpoints



Environment responsibility is entwined in Black Cat’s DNA. This has been part of our identity since the beginning.

We’re  proud to be a part of the development of the State of Qatar which is experiencing rapid growth in infrastructure and expanding industries to meet the increasing demand for services and resources.

_ Closely Together
We are working closely together with our clients and partners across all areas of our business to limit our impact on the environment and to prevent environmental incidents.

_ Our Standards
Black Cat always ensure that our environmental management system and procedures exceeds the standards and requirements and all our work is carried out under international, accredited ISO14001 standards.

_ Our Commitment
Black Cat reaffirms its commitment to environmental protection through well-established environmental management system which are not only safe but also have been produced without compromising on Environmental Standards for use.

Two Viewpoints


Our below Two Viewpoints are the foundation of our Ten Standpoints. 


Reflects objectives and measures to manage waste in an environment-friendly manner.


Affects the way of our organization handles and disposes of waste generated by the work activities.

Ten Standpoints


Our Ten Standpoints are  based on our above Two Viewpoints.

Establish, maintain and implement an environmental management system (EMS) for all areas of our operation.


Comply where appropriate and have action plans to comply with the international requirements and other local regulatory regulations to our operations.


Manage the use of natural resources to minimize the impact on the environment.


Optimize energy usage in all areas of our operations.


Promote reduction, re-use and recycling of all types of waste in our operations.


Adopt the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) in new processes that impact on the environment to attain affordable environmental protection.


Establish and periodically review objectives and targets to demonstrate continual improvement in our environmental performance.


Provide appropriate training to all our employees and contractors to ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained.


Communicate openly with the public and interested and affected parties.


Conduct regular environmental reviews and audits of our operations to demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement of the EMS.


Q4/2021 Staff Survey.

I have the knowledge and skills to do my job safely

95 %

I am encouraged to speak up if I feel something is unsafe

94 %

This organization is making effective improvements to its systems while keeping staff safe

88 %

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