BCEC Launches The Pulse Platform

Black Cat has come a long way in the implementation of our CSR policies within the framework of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC has encouraged the private sector to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals within their business strategies and everyday operations.

It is pivotal to start earnestly embracing the actions of our business in a manner that reflects core values before value, corroborating upright ethics that dictate our procedures and interventions whilst simultaneously striving for economic growth. This is achievable through affiliations with governments, NGOs, and civil society. Only by setting the bar high with ambitious goals and targets will we incentivize performance across our company whilst keeping an open mind to new perspectives and innovative solutions.

The UN global compact calls upon Black Cat to act in a resilient and responsible way while pursuing value creation .Embedding our sustainability goals across Black Cat through shared understandings and actions will ensure that they become an integral part of our business strategy, operations and culture.

Black Cat has committed itself to the UNGC, becoming a participant in their organization, pledging to deliver a tangible contribution to the sustainable development goals. This Pledge requires the involvement of all our stakeholders and their engagement. With these objectives in mind, The CSR department has created several courses inspired by UNGC. This will help our people to familiarize themselves with the UNGC framework, objective and how we can integrate the sustainable development goals into our everyday activities.

The E-learning Platform is the first step toward applying the SDGs to our most important stakeholders, our employees; The platform allows all of us to expand our professional knowledge horizons, at our own pace, without limitations; by having access to a structured source of knowledge and the possibility of engaging fellow employees, management included, in the sharing of our learning experience or if needed for some mentoring. The pulse platform is ready to go live. It is in everyone’s best interest to go through it in a consistent manner as it will be subject to the regular enhancement and add on materials on the E-library module relevant to the below professional areas:
• Leadership
• Management
• IT& Digitization
• Artificial Intelligence
• Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, and Accounting
• Engineering & Design
• Human Capital
• Strategy
• Macroeconomics and Markets
• Project & Construction Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Contracts & Legal

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