EPIC for Upgrading of Turbine / Compressor Controls System at Fahahil Gas Lift Compressor Station (FGLCS) and Recycling Gas (RG) Plant in Dukhan Fields

Project Status



Qatar Petroleum

Term of Contract

2011 – 2013


Dukhan, Qatar

The Construction works as described below is spread out at existing turbo – compressor trains locations , inside RG plant (for K-9601/K-9602 : Re-Injection Gas Compressors & K-9202 A/B/C : Recycle Gas Compressors) and FLGCS ( for 15-K-4101/4201 : Gas Lift Compressors) in Dukhan areas.

The new construction activities shall mainly includes necessary modif. at existing Sub-station-C buildings at RG Plant for installation of new, Install TCP/AS/CMS/PLC System, Install SCADA/DCS/ESD/F&G System hardware, Install new Anti-surge Valves/HART valve positioners, Install New HART Field Instruments , Install new Vibration sensors, Install New F&G Detection devices, Install UPS, Install LV Feeder/DBs, Cable trenching, Power/Signal/FO Cabling, Testing & Commissioning works at ARAB-D and FLGCS plant areas.

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